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        An Executive Hands-on Learning Tour with Automotive Industry Focus
        October 12-20, 2015

        - AGENDA -

        Day 1 : US Laws & Regulations

        Learn from professionals from Law, Accounting, Import/Export, M&A, and Immigration firms.

        Day 2 : Knowing Auto OEM

        Meet with Auto OEM Purchasing and Engineering Executives. Visit Auto OEM Assembly Plant. Understand Auto OEM requirements.

        Day 3 : Supply Base Understanding

        Visit Tier 1 suppliers and CEO shadowing and best practices.

        Day 4 : AIAG global Quality

        AIAG global CEO and AIAG core board members. Understand AIAG supplier quality requirements.

        Day 5 : Social & Cultural Deep-Dive

        Visit local primary schools. Learn about US social and cultural living.

        Day 6 : Innovation Day

        Meet with local Entrepreneurs and visit MSU and U of M Research & Development programs.

        Day 7 : Global Leadership Seminar

        A full-day of learning from UDM, one of the Top 5% MBA program globally, in global Leadership program.

        Day 8 : US and State of Michigan Government

        Doing Business in US. Meet with Michigan Government officials. Michigan Investment opportunity presentations.

        Day 9 : Michigan Attraction

        Meet with City of Detroit Mayor, Michigan Government, and Michigan’s Chamber of Commerce.

        A unique opportunity in understanding business practices and in doing business in US.

        Why Michigan?
        ?#1 Center of Auto OEM head offices
        ?#1 Center of global Auto OEM and Tier 1 suppliers’ R&D Centers
        ?Top local Universities’ talents and innovative programs
        ?#1 Engineering and Research talents.
        ?Attractive State of Michigan Government subsidies.

        Who Should Attend?
        Company Executive members (Chairman, CEO)

        What your Business will Gain?
        ?Understand doing your business in US
        ?Key contacts to support your business growth in US
        ?Meet key auto OEM and Tier 1 customers
        ?Assist you to develop your US Growth Strategy

        What you will Gain Personally?
        ?Benchmarking best practice companies
        ?A Strategic Re-Think in growing your business in US
        ?Gain global leadership skillset both in-class learning and hands-on experience
        ?Identify business opportunities in US (Sales, Company start-up, M&A, JV, Purchasing)

        Office locations * Main office location

        • * Oxford

        • Ann Arbor

        • Los Angeles

        • * Shanghai

        • Beijing

        • Tianjin

        • Taipei

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